Tips to Use Throw Blankets as a Decoration Tool

Most people have no idea that throw blankets can be a tool to decorate the room. Even though their models are simple, throw blankets actually can add pattern and color to the room. Throw blankets are lightweight, so you can place it almost anywhere. You even can drape it on the walls to be the focal point. They are easy to get and multifunction. You can give them to someone special or use them by yourself. Here are some tips to use throw blankets as a decoration tool of the room. Have a look.

Drape it over the chair

Do you have a pet which likes to sit on the chair? You can use throw blankets to protect your chair from pet’s hair. Instead of cleaning the chair which will take times to make it clean, all you have to do is throwing the throw blankets into the washing machine. It saves you more times and energy.

Drape it over a bed headboard

Each room needs a focal point as the center point of attention. Decorators usually use the biggest item or most colorful item in the room as focal point. Who has ever thought that throw blankets can be the focal point in bedroom? Pick throw blanket with fun print or colorful pattern, then drape it over the bed headboard for new look. All the attention will be attracted to that throw blankets. Use Velcro to keep the throw blanket stay on its place.

Drape it over the arm chairs

Fold the throw blanket lengthwise then drape it over the arm chairs. Fold it in half if it is still too long over the arm chairs. Choose throw blankets with color or pattern that match the theme of the room.

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